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Category 106: Forest Pest Control (2005) CO

Category 106: Forest Pest Control (2005) CO


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For individuals preparing to be licensed in the application of pesticides in forests, forest nurseries, forest seed producing areas managed for the production of timber and other forest products or maintained as wood vegetation for such indirect benefits as protection of catchment areas or public recreation, including windbreaks and downed timber. For applications in forested areas within fifty (50) feet of a residential or commercial structure, an applicator must also hold the ornamental pest control category in accordance with Part 9 of these rules and comply with all of the posting and notification requirements in section 35-10-112, C.R.S., of the Pesticide Applicators’ Act. This additional certification in the ornamental pest control category shall not apply to aerial applicators or ground applications made by federal, state, or local governments on property they own. This category does not apply to pesticide applications made to control vertebrate pests.