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To prepare for the Maryland commercial applicator certification exam, Commercial Applicators should obtain and read the Core Manual, plus one or more Category Manual(s). The following manuals were developed through the University of Maryland Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program, and are now available from NPSEC:

    Commercial Applicator Core Manual

    Category Manual - Agricultural Pest Control

    Category Manual - Ornamentals & Turf Pest Control

    Category Manual - Aquatic Pest Control

To order any of these Commercial Applicator manuals, scroll down to the list at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: Manuals for additional categories are available for purchase from other sources. Please see the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) website at:


Private Applicator Manuals are sold in sets of 5, and are available for purchase to University of Maryland County Extension Agents/Educators only. Maryland Private Applicators need to obtain their manuals directly from their county Extension Office (

    Private Applicator Core Manual

NOTE: You must be a University of Maryland Extension (UME) Agent/Educator or UME staff to purchase a supply of these manuals.

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