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Anyone applying pesticides “for hire” in Colorado must be a licensed commercial applicator in one or more of the 23 categories designated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Individuals seeking to be licensed in Colorado must pass the General test and at least one category where they will be making pesticide applications. Colorado Pesticide Applicator Study Guides are available to help prepare applicators to take certification tests. These study guides were prepared by the Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program (CEPEP) at CSU together with the Colorado Department of Agriculture Pesticide Program. More information on the Colorado Department of Agriculture Pesticide Licensing Program can be found at the CEPEP website.

This Non-Soil Fumigation Manual will help you prepare for the Area Fumigation (AF) Idaho category pesticide exam. Anyone who applies a non-soil fumigant pesticide product, in Idaho, must have the category endorsement for Area Fumigation (AF) on their pesticide applicator license. The Area Fumigation category is required for both private and professional applicators using non-soil fumigants. These types of applications include the use of aluminum phosphide in agricultural fields for pocket gopher control, structural pests and stored commodities that require the use of fumigants to control a variety of pests.

To prepare for the Maryland commercial applicator certification exam, Commercial Applicators should obtain and read the Core Manual, plus one or more Category Manual(s). The following manuals were developed through the University of Maryland Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program, and are now available from NPSEC: Commercial Applicator Core Manual, Agricultural Pest Control, Ornamentals & Turf Pest ControL, Aquatic Pest Control.

Private Applicator Manuals are sold in sets of 5, and are available for purchase to University of Maryland County Extension Agents/Educators only. Maryland Private Applicators need to obtain their manuals directly from their county Extension Office (

Michigan manuals are produced by the Michigan State University Extension. Michigan State University Extension helps people improve their lives by bringing the vast knowledge resources of MSU directly to individuals, communities and businesses.

The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) manual is the study guide for those preparing to take the Oregon IPM in Schools exam to apply pesticides in Oregon schools. It will be an essential reference manual for designated school IPM coordinators and others directly involved in pest management in Oregon schools, especially those regulated under Oregon's IPM in School law, ORS 634.700-750. It can also be useful to any school facilities maintenance staff, as well as pest management professionals, principals, teachers, child care providers, medical personnel, parents and others as they work together to implement IPM policies and practices in schools. Those involved in day-to-day pest management in other sensitive sites, such as public parks, childcare centers, hospitals, retirement and nursing facilities, or prisons can also benefit from this manual.