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New! Non-soil Fumigation!

A National Pesticide Applicator study Manual

This manual and exam bank are intended for selected categories of commercial pesticide applicator certification/licensing for specific uses of non-soil fumigation pesticide products. These product categories include those for structural pest control, rodent burrow pest control and commodity fumigation pest control.

Seed Treatment Manual eBook!

Click Here to View and Purchase Seed Treatment Manual eBook!   

 Seed Treatment Manual:

The purpose of this training manual is to provide study material for people interested  in becoming a certified pesticide applicator in the seed treatment category or subcategory in their respective states, tribes, or U.S. territories. It covers the basic knowledge and skills required to safely, effectively, and correctly apply pesticides to seeds.

Seed Treatment Online Companion Module:

This companion to the Seed Treatment National Pesticide Applicator Study Manual provides interactive content to assist people in understanding the material covered in the printed manual. The module contains concise information on each learning objective from the manual, a clickable glossary, and other interactive activities. This module should be used in association with the Seed Treatment—A National Pesticide Applicator Study Manual.

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