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PERC is the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative, a cooperative agreement between the EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs and University of California Davis Extension, in collaboration with Oregon State University. The objective of the PERC is to implement the development, revision, or update of pesticide safety materials and resources that prevent and reduce pesticide risks to humans, communities, and ecosystems through education and outreach targeted toward agricultural workers, pesticide applicators, and others, through partners and stakeholders. For more information about PERC contact Suzanne Forsyth at or 530.757.8603.

The Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP) has been an advocate for migrant and seasonal farmworkers in the United States since 1971. The thread that binds the Association is the concept that training and education can provide the launching pad to a better and more stable life for the workers who plant, tend, and harvest the crops that Americans consume at their tables.

EPA-Approved Materials with Expanded 2015 WPS Content Available Here:

For larger quantities, contact Wayne Buhler at:

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Pesticide Safety Training for Growers

Free Resources!

Beginning in April 2019, AgSafe undertook outreach and training efforts to provide growers across the Hawaiian Islands, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, with hands-on,  interactive pesticide safety training and materials.  The classes addressed: General Pesticide, Safety Hazard, Communication Worker, Protection Standard Training Elements, Decontamination, Personal Protective Equipment, Pesticide Application,  Compliance, Employer Responsibilities, Employee Rights

Free Materials are Available for Download in the Following Languages:

English, Korean, Chinese,

Tagalog, Thai, Ilocano

WPS Resources Mega Thumb Drive

Multi-Lingual Resources on 1 Thumb Drive!

Thumb drive Contains: WPS--How to Comply Manual in English and Spanish, WPS--Agricultural Employer Handbook in English and Spanish, Wps--Agricultural Worker Training Flipcharts and Central Posting Posters in the following Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Russian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese, WPS--Respiratory Protection Guide in English and Spanish, WPS--Training Presentation PowerPoints in English and Spanish, WPS--Train the Trainer Manual in English and Spanish, WPS Training Videos for Agricultural Workers and Pesticide Handlers in English and Spanish (with bilingual accompanying explanatory booklet)

WPS Protect Yourself and Your Family from Pesticide Exposure

Available in English and Spanish!

This worker booklet (in both English and Spanish) is intended for agricultural workers who work in agricultural establishments where pesticides were used in the last month or so. 

Pesticide handlers and certified applicators are not included in this document’s audience. The WPS requires trainers to use a piece of EPA-approved training material to perform annual training as required.

This booklet is not a complete set of training content, nor has it been reviewed for this purpose under 40 CFR 170.401(c)1. It is intended as a
companion/supplement only.

Bundle of 7 WPS Products

7 WPS Products at a Discounted Price!

Now Available in English or Spanish!

Bundle Contains:

-1 set of 1 Spanish and 1 English National Worker Protection Standard: A Manual for Trainers

-1 How to Comply Manual

-1 PERC Respiratory Guide

-1 Rutgers Respiratory Guide

-1 Large, 2-Sided English/Bilingual Poster

-1 Set of 1 Spanish and 1 English Agricultural Workers and Pesticide Handlers DVDs

-1 Pack of 2 WPS Employer Handbooks

WPS Bilingual Flip Charts

Bilingual options available:

Spanish/English (AFOP)                          HaitianCreole/English (AFOP)  Chinese/English (PERC);              Vietnamese/English (PERC), Tagalog/English (PERC),                          Russian/English (PERC), and Hmong/English (PERC)

This product provides pesticide safety training for agricultural workers. 

May be purchased with or without an easel display binder.

How To Comply With the 2015 Revised WPS For Agricultural Pesticides

Available in English and Spanish!

This EPA-approved manual will help users of agricultural pesticides comply with the requirements of the 2015 revised federal Worker Protection Standard. You should read this manual if you employ agricultural  workers or handlers, are involved in the production of agricultural plants as an owner/manager of an agricultural establishment or a commercial (for-hire) pesticide handling establishment, or work as a crop advisor.

National Worker Protection Standard: A Manual for Trainers

Available in English and Spanish!

These EPA-approved manuals (English: EPA 730-B-16-001; Spanish: EPA 730-K-17-001)) begin with an introduction to pesticides and pesticide safety, including the federal pesticide regulations. They discusses each of the specific points that must be included in WPS training sessions and contains valuable information to help trainers prepare for and conduct pesticide safety training.

WPS Respiratory Protection Guide: Requirements for Employers of Pesticide Handlers

Available in English and Spanish!

Under the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) as revised in 2015, there are new requirements for pesticide handlers when pesticide labels require the use of a respirator. This 45-page guide includes step-by-step fit-testing procedures, respirator selection guidance, medical evaluation options, and some frequently asked questions.

WPS Training Videos

Available in English and Spanish!

These WPS training videos for agricultural workers and pesticide handlers apply to many sectors because they include footage and examples from orchards, forestry, nurseries, greenhouses, vineyards, and row crops. 

WPS Standard Handbook for Agricultural Employers

Can be purchased individually or in bundles of 2 and 10!

Available in English and Spanish!

This handbook is formatted as a small booklet, half the size of a sheet of paper. We hope you'll find it as useful as a handout when training and/or inspecting agricultural work under the WPS 

WPS Posters

Available in: English/Spanish,  English/Chinese, English/Haitian Creole, English/Vietnamese, English/Tagalog, English/Ilocano, and English/Russian!

Updated WPS Poster(s) for “Central Posting” areas and Certain Decontamination Sites
This poster(s) complies with the requirements in the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for agricultural pesticides.

Posters come in Large (22x34.5in) and Small (11x17) 

Respirator Training Flipchart

Bilingual English/Spanish Flipchart for Training!

Available for purchase with a black binder (for storage and display) or without!

Covered in this flipchart:
Why a Respirator is necessary; how improper fit, usage, or maintenance can compromise the protective effect of the respirator; about respirator limitations and capabilities; how to use a respirator effectively in emergency situations, and many other important topics!

Web-Based Training for Trainers of Agricultural Workers and Pesticide Handlers

Online training course!

Available in English and Spanish!

This web-based course is EPA-approved, including 12 self-paced learning modules. The course provides the required information for trainers who will perform annual training for agricultural workers and pesticide handlers under the U.S. EPA Worker Protection Standard (WPS). It will guide you through the necessary procedures to provide effective training about pesticide safety topics.