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Taxes apply for purchases made in the states of Minnesota and Michigan--Tax Exempt paperwork must be submitted and approved and your email address added to the system by NPSEC Store Admin before your order is placed. See info on Michigan page or on Contact page Thank you!

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Are you having trouble submitting your order?

Due to recent postage cost changes, some servers are having trouble getting through the shipping portion of the store, and an error message is popping up. If this happens, close out of the store, clear the cache and cookies from your computer, then you should be able to go back into the store and place your order. If you would prefer, you can call Amy at 952-925-1345 or email, and she can help you with your order. We are sorry for the difficulty! Thank you!

If you would like more information about the NPS Education Center, please contact:

Wayne Buhler:

*For Michigan tax exempt status: Please email a copy of Form# 3372 Michigan Sales & Use Tax Certification of Exemption (or any questions) to: You can find the form at:

Tax Exempt form must be submitted and approved by Amy ( before order is placed! If we have already received the form for your organization, make sure we have entered your email address as a tax exempt contact on the store!

Write us a note to contact us about your order.