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Chinese/English Bilingual WPS Posters

Chinese/English Bilingual WPS Posters


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Available in bundles of 1, 2 and 10!

Small Posters: 11x17in

Large Posters: 22x34.5in

Updated WPS Poster(s) for “Central Posting” areas and Certain Decontamination Sites

This poster(s) complies with the requirements in the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) for agricultural pesticides, as revised in 2015. 40 CFR 170.311(a)(2) & 170.311(a)(3)

Where must it be posted?
Post where employees congregate, such as where they check in or out of work, change clothes, eat, etc. Workers and handlers must be able to access safety information at any time during normal work hours.

In addition, the poster must be posted in permanent locations where more than 10 employees wash-up. That might include out-buildings, and portable restrooms with hand-washing supplies.

Posters come in Large (22x34.5in) and Small (11x17), all printed with a combined English/Chinese front with a Chinese back. Two-sided makes it much more economical to print and it gives the users the flexibility on what language(s) they want to post without having to purchase too many versions. A two-sided poster can also be posted on a glass partition, so both sides are visible. 

1.   English/Chinese front with Chinese only back – small size (11” x 17”)

2.   English/Chinese front with Chinese only back – large size (22” X 34.5”)