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Soil Fumigation Pest Control CO

Soil Fumigation Pest Control CO


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This product is just the Soil Fumigation Pest Control manual. For Category 309 certification, you also need the Soil Fumigation Manual:

For a Free pdf file of the Soil Fumigation Manual, click here: Soil Fumigation

Category 309 set can be found by clicking here: Category 309

Non-soil Fumigation Manual can be found by clicking here: Non-soil Fumigation

Category 309: Soil/Non-Soil Fumigation: for the use of a fumigant to control pests in soil or non-soil sites, not otherwise addressed in category 303, Structural Fumigation Pest Control.

  • For Qualified Supervisors and Certified Operators: the Soil/Non-Soil Fumigation Pest Control category must be held in addition to the Structural Pest Management category for the fumigation application being made.
  • For Private Applicators: The Soil/Non-Soil Fumigation category must be held in addition to the Private Applicator License if making Soil/Non-Soil Fumigation applications.

*Set includes 2 manuals: Soil Fumigation and Non-Soil Fumigation

Information contained in both the Soil Fumigation Manual: A national Pesticide Applicator Certification Study Guide and the Non-soil Fumigation – A National Pesticide Applicator StudyManual is needed in order to obtain this category. This category does not qualify you for any type of structural fumigation (see Category 303).